The New Rules of Fitness – Outside Magazine

YES to all of these!

#1: Stop Overdosing on Vitamins and Supplements
#2: Go the F*ck to Sleep
#3: Get Away from Your Chair
#4: Train Specific to Your Sport
#5: Quit Flexing in the Mirror
#6: Be a Little Salty
#7: Stop Playing the Age Card
#8: Minimize the Junk Miles
#9: Experiment on Yourself
#10: Embrace a New Era of Hydration
#11: Workout Before Breakfast
#12: Train Your Brain

Read the details here!

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Beer me!

The Beer Runner has discovered the scientific reason you should drink beer after your run (or bike or swim or brick or strength or anything!).

The long and short of it is that ending any experience on an up note strongly influences the feeling and meaning of that experience. So, have a nice cold glass of beer after a run and the whole thing feels better.

Now THAT is science I can get behind!

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Getting the right saddle height…

Bicycling has a quick and simple method for determining the right saddle height for your setup. Here it is:

1) With your cycling shoes on, sit on the saddle (have someone stand in front of you and hold the bike upright) and grab the handlebar. Let your legs hang straight down.

2) Rotate the right crank to its lowest position.

3) Without rocking your hips, place your right heel onto the pedal. Your heel should barely reach the pedal.

4) If your knee is bent, raise the saddle. If your heel doesn’t reach the pedal, lower the saddle until your heel makes contact.

5) Be sure the saddle is parallel to the ground (not the top tube) and the correct distance behind the bottom bracket—your shop will have to calculate this.

6) Record your saddle height.

Pretty easy. Thanks, Bicycling!

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Top 10 Running Myths…

According to Outside Magazine, these are the top 10 running myths:

1) Max heart rate matters

2) A midfoot strike is best

3) Less is more (minimalist/barefoot)

4) You’ll peak in your 20s

5) Running destroys your knees

6) Glucosamine helps your joints

7) You can eat whatever your want

8) Dehydration wrecks performance [my favorite!!]

9) All your runs need to be fast

10) Your long run must be 20 miles

Read the whole thing here.

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Andy Potts’ 6 Tips for Triathlon Racing Success…

From Triathlete Magazine. Some good tips. Worth a read.

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A little bit of knee pain…

I saw this on Emma Davis’ Twitter feed and thought it was worth passing on:Bq1FE3NCEAAF2ld

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Old Kudos and New Kudos

As usual, I’m a bit behind, but…

Congratulations to:

David G. for crushing the Olympic distance Big Foot Triathlon.

Ellie H. for a 2d OVERALL female at a local 10K. She also completed a hilly and rainy Hospital Hill Half-Marathon earlier in the month!


Caroline B. for completing Ironman Mt. Tremblant 70.3 Her second 70.3 this season. Impressive!

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Power Meter and Ironman

Very interesting TP article on using a power meter effectively at Ironman distance. Check it out.

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In case you care…

If you ever care to following my training, I just started a blog over at Tridad3K. It’s where I generally post what I did for training that day along with some family stuff, food stuff and humor. And probably a bunch of pictures of martinis or beer!

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Jens Voigt’s Three Secrets to Success

Thanks to Amy Casey for posting this on FB. Good stuff!!

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